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sexy mini dress

YESCODE luminous sexy mini dress under garments, black technology to get over the Chinese language underwear marketplace。

YCHESCODE, a girl's wave underwear brand from Southern Korea, lately developed two "Yes or No" lustrous underwear to creatively integrate fluorescence in to fabrics and textiles, changing ordinary fabric into an engaging Under garments products. This course of white-colored daytime glass display Glass print notice "NO", the night time after disabling the light supply cup "YES" fluorescence released; blue section is simply no light circumstances, the make strap or waist flexible "YES" may have a fluorescence effect.

The sexy mini dress black technology underwear marketplace, in the domestic under garments market turned on strong anxiety about the speedy growth from the concept of feminine consumption after 90, under garments market can face a reform, a brand new era they cannot like "aunt" underwear, under garments for primary is no longer "gather" "collect milk", but also aesthetic, understand themselves, with fun. Mar 7 00: 00 "Yes or No" luminous under garments whole network starting.

And also cause China's underwear marketplace concern, not really a luminous under garments this product, as well as the times at the rear of it adjustments. According to "2016-2022 Cina underwear sector in-depth analysis and upcoming prospects prediction report" released by the Start of Talking to, including the leading sales of domestic under garments, ancient and modern, appreciate, Man Nifen and various other domestic marketplace, totaling just 10% from the total business, The low talk about of business is not really scary.

What is terrible is that the development of China's underwear marketplace is gradual and can not really keep up with the aesthetic development of girls. For those who have matured after 90, 95, putting an emphasis on the functionality of under garments, just need is becoming less essential, and even no more think which the concept of correct, turned into young ladies, personality, the idea of natural under garments in.

Founded in 2005 in Southern Korea YESCODE, the range long sleeve midi dress topping girl wave underwear, with original style and beautiful craftsmanship, cherished by twenty generations of Korean young ladies, the line provides rapidly extended to a lot more than 1, 1000 stores, can be found in main cities in the A-level Business area. Stationed in the Chinese language market in only one year, quickly accumulate a hundred and forty, 000 followers guest foundation.

YESCODE had not been the first to attempt 12 years after the innovative style like "Yes or No Lustrous Underwear. inch YESCODE underwear UV function, breathable and other features of the atmosphere of technology and technology research and development position, equivalent to the style, well-known elements, such as the theme style. Because YESCODE understands the aesthetic choice of 90 girls, comfy and healthful fashion interesting, these components are essential.

Since 03 2017 YESCODE stationed in the Chinese language market, as much as a 12 months since the tone of voice stressed the Chinese under garments market requirements reform, and personally try various attempts in under garments, hoping to make their personal young girls break through the standard concepts, from the inside the beginning to emphasise their personal independent visual needs, select the best-looking under garments is a really formal and worthwhile point.

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